Global Packages

Node tools like pm2 or bower make only sense when you install them as global modules. As they are not in package.json files these modules are often out of my mind and get hardly ever updated. I also have too google each time when I want to see wich modules I have installed so I list the two most important command lines for global packages here:

List all installed packages without their dependencies and the path where the packages are installed:

> npm list -g --depth=0
├── bower@1.4.1
├── eslint@0.24.0
├── grunt-cli@0.1.13
├── gulp@3.9.0
├── jade@1.11.0
├── karma-cli@0.1.0
├── mocha@2.2.5
├── npm@2.12.0
├── pm2@0.14.2
├── redis-commander@0.3.2
└── sloc@0.1.9

Update all global packages:

> npm update -g